Snow Clearing

Snow Clearing


Road Maintenance

The City's winter road maintenance consists of plowing, windrowing, sanding, and hauling snow from priority 1, 2, and 3 roads. 

The City also contracts private crews to complete residential snow clearing when a significant snowfall occurs, or snow accumulates. 

Read this year's snow clearing brochure for more details!

Our Snow Fleet Has:

  • 6 Tandem salt/sand trucks with front plow
  • 1 single axle plow truck with front plow
  • 1 1-ton sander with front plow
  • 1 tandem plow truck with front/wing plow
  • 6 tandem trucks (city-owned)
  • 6 end dump trucks (contracted)
  • 1 snowblower for windrow pick-up (plus 1 back-up unit)
  • 6 graders
  • 5 front end loaders with angle blade plow
  • 1 front end loader with a bucket for use in salt and sand yards
  • 2 rubber-tired backhoes
  • 1 municipal tractor
  • 1 skid steer
  • 1 tool-cat

Material Storage:

  • Sand and salt is stored at the City Service Centre.
  • Snow is disposed of at the City snow dump site on Park Road. This dump is for City use only.

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