Wildlife: Native & Non-Native Species

Wildlife: Native & Non-Native Species

Grande Prairie's ecosystem consists of native and non-native species.

Non-native species are harmful to our ecosystem because they can carry diseases that can be transmitted to native species, causing harm to the health of our local wildlife population. 


Feeding Wildlife

It is important not to feed native and non-native species as it can have significant impacts on the local ecosystem and wildlife.

By feeding these animals, we are disrupting their natural behaviour and diets, leading to imbalances in the food chain and potential harm to other wildlife.

Bylaw C-1103

In accordance with bylaw C-1103, it is illegal to place or allow any device or material for the purpose of attracting or feeding wild animals. This bylaw is in place to protect the local ecosystem and wildlife, and to ensure that human actions do not negatively impact the delicate balance of our local environment.

By adhering to this bylaw and not feeding non-native species, we can help to preserve the natural balance of our local ecosystem and protect the health and well-being of the wildlife that lives within it.