Animal Licensing

Animal Licensing

Pet Licensing

Pets Roam, Licenses Bring Them Home

As days pass, our adventurous pets find increasing temptation to explore beyond the familiar confines of the backyard. From the excitement of new sights to the curiosity sparked by new smells, every open door is an invitation to an unexpected adventure.

But what happens if your furry friend's journey takes them too far from home? A pet license is more than just a tag—it's their ticket back to you. Don't let your family reunion be left to chance. 

All cats and dogs must be licensed with the City of Grande Prairie by the age of three (3) months so we can contact you if your pet gets lost.

All cats and dogs must wear their current animal license/tag when off their owner's property.

Registering your animal, renewals and tag replacements are available online via eServices or in person at City Hall or Cedar Point. Proof of your animal(s) being spayed or neutered may be requested by an officer.

Please contact our Animal Licensing department directly at 780-830-5790 with any questions you may have.

Under our current Animals and Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw C-1226, properties within the City are only allowed to keep 4 animals at a time. For special circumstances, complete the Animal Limit Exemption Application for Enforcement Services for approval.  For information on Livestock Exemption Applications for Urban Hens and Urban Bees, please continue on to the Animals & Pets page.

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