Outdoor Event Permits

Outdoor Event Permits are required for larger scale outdoor events including music, dance, sport, food, performing arts or any similar outdoor festival activity likely to impact more than two municipal services. Municipal services include but are not limited to: parks, business licensing, transportation, fire prevention, inspection services and energy & environmental services.

Outdoor Event Permits can be filled out by downloading the fillable PDF on the Outdoor Event Permit Application page.

Planning Guide & Checklist

Don't know where to start? Check out our Outdoor Event Planning Guide which outlines all application submission requirements for the Outdoor Event Permits. An Outdoor Event Planning Checklist is also available for all applicants to use during the event planning process.

Application Information

Event Amenities and Activities - Checklist

All amenities and activities must be approved by administration no later than two weeks prior to the start of your event. Click the drop-down menus below for amenities and activities that will pertain to your event. 

Event Planning Tools & Websites

Check out the City of Grande Prairie event calendar to see upcoming events.


    Contact eventpermits@cityofgp.com or call 780-357-8710 with any questions about the Outdoor Event Permit application process.