First-time Visitors | Eastlink Centre

Enjoy your first visit to the Eastlink Centre with a few simple tips. Our staff are here to support you and ensure your experience is enjoyable, plus answer any questions you may have. 


If you are bringing a large group (over 12 people) to the Eastlink Centre, please let us know in advance so we can ensure adequate staffing and confirm the area you wish to use is available. Contact Guest Services at 780-830-5000 for more information.


All change rooms are equipped with lockers. You must bring your own lock. You can also purchase a lock at a welcome desk, prices are $9 for a combination lock and $12 for a key lock. 


We have a large variety of pools in our aquatics area. Choose a pool and depth suited to your familiarity in the water. Feel free to ask our lifeguards questions as they can assist you in having a safe and pleasant experience. Ensure children under eight are within arm’s reach when in the facility. You can read more about safety at the Eastlink Centre here.

You must wear a swimsuit to use the aquatics area and remember to bring a towel. Goggles are not required, but suggested.

Please see our swimwear guidelines for more information.

Fitness Centre

To participate in fitness classes or use the gym, ensure you are ages 13 and older and wearing sports clothes as well as closed, indoor shoes in all fitness areas. When using the Fitness Centre, be sure to bring a towel. It is courteous to wipe down equipment after each use.

We ask that during busy times, you leave equipment free for others to use while you rest, and only use one piece of equipment at a time. Ensure weights and bars go back their original position when you are done and be mindful of dropping heavy weights on the floor.

Fitness classes may require you to bring additional items, such as a yoga mat or socks to class. To ensure you arrive prepared, check the class description prior to attending.


Please help us keep our fieldhouse and squash and racquetball courts clean by wearing your indoor, non-marking shoes when you come to play. Bare feet, socked feet, flip flops, and crocks are not allowed in the fieldhouse. 

Remember to stay hydrated when doing physical activities, water in plastic containers is permitted in this area.

Equipment rentals are available at the information desk with your membership or drop-in.

General FAQ