Economic Development Strategic Planning & Advisory Committee

Economic Development Strategic Planning & Advisory Committee


Boards and Committees Bylaw C-1422


The role of the Committee is to provide an effective link between Management, Council and the business community. The Committee provides the opportunity for input from the business community by engaging business leaders as advisors. Members will be encouraged to provide input on the standards and objectives necessary to attract and retain healthy economic development and to ensure the delivery of high quality, current, innovative and relevant service.

The Committee will:

  • ​Participate in long and short-term business planning; to assist in determining appropriate goals and objectives and to contribute to follow up business plan performance review.
  • Advise on changes, deletions, or additions to services.
  • Assist in determining standards of service delivery.
  • Assist in identification of Grande Prairie's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Provide input on issues directly affecting Economic Development, and on current business trends.
  • Encourage the development of positive public relations supporting City Economic Development and provide input on marketing and promotional efforts.
  • Research major economic and social issues that will ensure a diverse economic base and foster a healthy community.
  • Create specialized form-and-fold teams, as required, to recruit experts for initiatives.
  • Develop Long-Term Economic Development Strategic Plan.
  • Identify economic development opportunities and ways in which the City could be more business friendly.
  • Advise on regional economic development opportunities and perspectives.
  • Adhere to the vision and values of the Economic Development Strategic Plan.

​The terms of reference for the Committee will be adopted by Council and reviewed upon the delivery of the Long-term Economic Development Strategic Plan or one (1) year, whichever occurs first.


  • Seven (7) Public Members
  • One (1) Chamber of Commerce Representative
  • Two (2) City Councillors (non-voting Council Representatives)
  • Two (2) Members of Administration


Public membership will be based on a 2 to 3 year staggered renewal.


​The Committee shall be chaired by a Councillor appointed by Council.

Meeting Time

The Committee will approve a regular quarterly meeting schedule. The Committee Chair may call meetings outside of the regular schedule at their discretion. The Committee will meet a minimum of four (4) times annually.


NIL. This is a volunteer position.

Skills, abilities, and experience

  • Strategic planning and board or committee member experience
  • Knowledge and skills in the areas of marketing/PR, real estate, business development and land development
  • Legal, lobbying and finance expertise
  • Business leadership and management abilities

How to Apply

The deadline has now passed. The application process will open in Fall 2024 for positions available in January 2025.

For further information

Contact the Council Committee Coordinator at 780-357-8747 or email