School Run | Public Transit

School Run | Public Transit

Route 1A - Southwest School Run

The City of Grande Prairie has added a new morning transit Route 1A on school days for students travelling from Westpointe and Pinnacle to St. Joseph Catholic and Charles Spencer high schools.

View or download the School Route Map here.

Why are we offering this service?

This new transit route was introduced to ensure students in those areas have a reliable and accessible way to travel to school and make it on time for class each morning.

Where does it go?

The transit route runs once daily, leaving the corner of Westpointe Drive and 84 Avenue (Fas Gas) at 7:50 a.m. traveling southeast and arriving at the Eastlink Centre at 8:05 a.m. Students in Westpointe and Pinnacle areas can ride Route 1 home after school.

Route Stops

LocationStop NumberTime
1. Westpoint Dr. - 84 Ave.1197:50 a.m.
2. Westpoint Dr. - 81 Ave.1217:51 a.m.
3. Westpoint Dr. - 77 Ave.1237:52 a.m.
4. Westpoint Dr. - 75 Ave.1257:52 a.m.
5. Pinnacle Blvd. - 114 St.1277:53 a.m.
6. Pinnacle Blvd. - Pinnacle Ave.1297:54 a.m.
7. Pinnacle St. - Pinnacle Dr.1317:55 a.m.
8. Pinnacle St. - 68 Ave.1337:56 a.m.
9. 114 St. - 69 Ave1357:57 a.m.
10. Pinnacle Dr. - 112 St. 1377:58 a.m.
11. Pinnacle Dr. - Pinnacle Gate1397:58 a.m.
12. Pinnacle Dr. - Pinnacle Ave.1417:59 a.m.
13. Pinnacle Dr. - Pinnacle Way143

8:00 a.m.

14. Eastlink Centre20008:05 a.m.