Capital Planning and Construction

Capital Planning and Construction

Every year, the City of Grande Prairie plans and maintains public infrastructure on City land with the goal of building a safe, connected, and mobile community for years to come.

We consider everything within the City's road right-of-way including roads, bridges and pedestrian bridges, storm drainage, trails and pathways, and sidewalks. We also support local land developers as they construct new commercial and residential areas. 

Major reconstruction and new infrastructure projects are implemented by capital planning and construction using consultants and contractors. Our primary programs include:


The City's Road Rehabilitation Program consists of three types of road work: road reconstruction, road overlay, and full depth reclamation (FDR). Each program and its sites are explained below.

If you have questions regarding the Road Rehabilitation Program or are seeking more information, please call the AccessGP at 780-538-0300 or 311 if you're within city limits.

Road improvements can include:

  • New Roadway
  • Road Reconstruction
  • Asphalt Overlay/Repaving
  • Geometric Upgrades

Road improvements are completed for a variety of reasons including to extend the life of existing roadways, to manage traffic flow, and support the city's traffic needs through population or economic growth.


Vehicle and pedestrian bridges are key links within the transportation network. They help people move from one point to another. 
The City inspects and maintains all 18 pedestrian bridges and all six vehicle bridges within the city. 

Storm Drainage

The City constructs and maintains the city's stormwater drainage network. The stormwater drainage network consists of underground pipes, culverts, catchbasins, outfalls and above ground public utility lots, gutters, and swales. Each part of the network plays a role in ensuring stormwater is collected from properties and flows to natural water-bodies.
Aquatera Utilities Inc. is responsible for the water and wastewater systems that deliver drinking water to, and removes wastewater from, homes.