Priority Road Snow Clearing

Priority Road Snow Clearing

City of Grande Prairie Road Classifications: 

  • Priority 1, 2 and 3
  • Residential
  • Rural

Each classification of road is maintained using a snow clearing method specific to the type of road. City crews plow, windrow, sand, salt and remove snow from priority routes throughout the winter. This service is separate from residential snow clearing. It is possible for a Priority 2 route to be in a residential area.

Priority 1 and 2 roads must be cleared first to ensure fire trucks, ambulances, other essential services, and the majority of the travelling public have a clear route on which to travel.

Priority 1

Major arterials; 100 Street, 84 Avenue, 68 Avenue, Resources Road, Highway 40 - Wapiti Road and primary access roads for emergency services.

Priority 2

Transit bus routes and major collector roadways such as: Crystal Lake Drive, Mission Heights Drive, Poplar Drive, Royal Oaks Drive.

Priority 3

Priority 3 routes are city-owned roads in industrial and commercial areas. They do not include private business roads or parking lots. These roads are cleared after Priority 1 and 2 routes have been completed.

Rural Service Area

The City maintains 40 km of rural roads within the City limits. These are cleared with designated equipment on an as-needed basis separate from the rest of the City's snow clearing programs.