About the Police Commission

About the Police Commission

The Grande Prairie Police Commission exists to ensure Grande Prairie is a safe and vibrant city today and into the future.

Police Commissions are a requirement under the Alberta Police Act, and the Grande Prairie Police Commission is governed by the City of Grande Prairie's Police Commission Bylaw.

The Police Commission is responsible for:

  • establishing policies for effective and efficient policing
  • appointing a Chief of Police and officers
  • designating a Public Complaints Director
  • allocate funds provided by Council
  • ensuring sufficient staffing

The Police Commission is comprised of 7 to 12 members who are appointed for a three-year term, with a possibility of renewal to a maximum of 10 consecutive years. Up to two members may be staff or council members of the City of Grande Prairie, two are appointed by the Province of Alberta, and the remaining positions are public members appointed by City Council.

Police Commission Member Recruitment

Recruitment for the new Police Commission was conducted between March 30 and April 18, 2023. The commission’s membership was appointed May 1, 2023.