Grande Prairie Policing Committee

Grande Prairie Policing Committee

Grande Prairie Policing Committee

The Grande Prairie Policing Committee is a City of Grande Prairie Committee established by City Council in Bylaw C-1455, pursuant to Section 23 of the Police Act.  

Mission Statement

To ensure the Grande Prairie RCMP will respond to the needs of the citizens of the City of Grande Prairie to create and maintain a safe community.

Vision Statement

For the citizens of Grande Prairie to live in a safe community facilitated by a policing model that promotes community participation, establishes and maintains effective partnerships, and excels in police service delivery.


  • To act at all times with Respect, Honesty and Integrity
  • To promote the principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • To govern with Excellence and Commitment to the Community
  • To establish trust through Transparency, Accountability and Fiscal Responsibility
  • To form and maintain positive Cultural Connections within the Community

Policing Committees are made up of members of the community and their purpose is to identify and advocate for the community's policing priorities.  The Policing Committee is responsible for:

  • overseeing the administration of the Municipal Police Service Agreement (MPSA);
  • assisting in selecting the Officer in Charge (OIC);
  • in consultation with the OIC, developing year plan;
  • issuing instructions to the OIC respecting the yearly plan;
  • representing the interests and concerns of the public;
  • assisting the OIC in resolving complaints; and
  • designating a Public Complaint Director

Policing Committee Policy Manual View Here.  


Committee Members 

Officially established in June of 2023, members of the current Grande Prairie Police Commission were designated as the Grande Prairie Policing Committee.  

Committee members have strong knowledge in law, indigenous advocacy, business, community affairs, non-profit work, finance, human resources, conflict resolution, and public safety, among other areas, it is expected that these appointees will serve the community with distinction while upholding the highest standards of accountability, transparency, and professionalism.

Public Member Representatives 

  • Chair, Dan Wong
  • Vice-Chair, Natalie Reiman
  • Lois Duke
  • Timothy Burnham
  • Donna Koch

City of Grande Prairie Representatives

  • Councillor Kevin O’Toole
  • Councillor Dylan Bressey

Government of Alberta Appointee

  • Warren Travasso

Committee members are appointed for a three-year term, with a possibility of renewal to a maximum of 10 consecutive years. Up to two members may be City of Grande Prairie staff or Council members, two members are appointed by the Province of Alberta, and the remaining positions are public members appointed by City Council.

The Policing Committee is supported by their Executive Director, Lorrie Sitler. 

If you have any questions, or wish to contact the Policing Committee, they can be reached via email.

Committee Meetings

The Grande Prairie Policing Committee meets monthly to conduct Committee business.  Meetings take place on the third Thursday of each month starting at 1:30 pm.  Members of the public have the opportunity to attend the monthly meetings.  Meeting agendas will be posted here 5 days prior to the meeting date and minutes will be posted once they are approved.  


Meeting Agendas and Minutes
July 18, 2024Agenda 
June 20, 2024AgendaMinutes
May 16, 2024AgendaMinutes
April 18, 2024AgendaMinutes
March 21, 2024AgendaMinutes
February 15, 2024AgendaMinutes
January 18, 2024AgendaMinutes

Public Complaint Process

Under the Alberta Police Act, the Grande Prairie Policing Committee is responsible for monitoring the public complaints process and assisting with complaints against the Grande Prairie RCMP detachment or members. 

The purpose of the complaint process is to resolve issues between the citizens of Grande Prairie and the Grande Prairie RCMP Detachment in a fair, transparent, and reasonable manner.

The Grande Prairie Policing Committee’s Public Complaint Director:

  • Assists citizens, when needed, in filing complaints against the RCMP detachment or it's members;
  • Acts as a liaison between the Committee, the RCMP, and the complainant;
  • Performs duties assigned by the Committee in regards to complaints;
  • Offers an alternative dispute resolution process, where appropriate;
  • If an alternative dispute resolution process is used, reviews the manner in which it is delivered; and
  • Provides reports to the committee, as required.

According to the Police Act, complaints must be filed within one year of the events upon which it is based: or, within one year of when the conduct was first discovered or ought to have been discovered (whichever occurs first). Detailed information regarding the RCMP complaint process can be found HERE.

If you have a concern, or want to file a complaint fill out this Online Form.

If you are unsure or have questions, please contact the Public Complaint Director via email.

Please note: The Grande Prairie RCMP detachment is currently the police of jurisdiction.  Any complaints against the Grande Prairie Police Service must be pursued through the Grande Prairie Police Commission's Public Complaint Director.