Budget & Finance

Budget & Finance

The City of Grande Prairie delivers programs and services necessary to maintain and enhance our high standard of living.

Roads and public transit that move people; police, bylaws and fire rescue services to keep people safe; parks, social programs and leisure facilities to make Grande Prairie a great place in which to live, work and play. These core areas reflect the top priorities of our residents.

The City budget identifies the costs for these services and the sources of revenue to pay for the services, including property taxes and user fees.


Capital Budget

Municipal infrastructure is the backbone of our everyday life. It is how we get from home to the workplace, where we go for recreation, how we position emergency services around the city to protect us day and night. Infrastructure is expensive to build or buy, renew or replace; therefore, getting the most value out of every dollar spent on infrastructure is vital. The Capital Budget determines spending amounts on these important resources.

Operating Budget

The Operating Budget sets the revenue and spending levels for all civic services and programs that residents depend on, such as fire rescue, transit drivers, parks maintenance, snow clearing, pothole repair, public library, and recreation centre staff. 

By law, municipalities are not allowed to budget for a deficit and the City does not plan surpluses. The City collects the amount of tax required to balance the budget after all other revenue sources are considered.

Check out our engagement website for regular opportunities to provide your feedback on your budget priorities!