Lot Grading

Lot Grading

What is Lot Grading?

Lot grading is the contour of the surface of your lot. It can be considered as one of the most important parts of construction as its purpose is to direct water away from the foundation of your building and toward public property.

The City of Grande Prairie’s Lot Grading Bylaw C-1366 requires any new residential or commercial development to obtain a lot grading permit and design the lot elevations on the parcel in accordance to the approved drainage plan and Bylaws C-1366 and C-1241.

Any redevelopment or work being done on a parcel that may alter the established drainage is required to obtain either a lot grading permit or a Lot Grading Letter of Review and must also abide by these bylaws.

Is Your Property Flooding?

Poor lot grading is the number one cause of overland drainage problems, so it is important to maintain your property's lot grading to avoid flooding on your lot or any adjacent lot. Overland drainage problems can often result in foundation problems or basement flooding.  Typical home insurance does not provide coverage for basement flooding related to surface flooding events; therefore, maintaining positive drainage on your lot could prove to be one of the best investments you can make.

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