Driveway Widening

Driveway Widening



A development approval and an engineering permit are required to widen your driveway or create a new driveway.

Step 1: Apply

1. Complete a Driveway Request Application to request the following:

  • widening of a residential driveway
  • addition of another residential driveway
  • or, movement of a residential driveway to a new location

Your application must include a real property report or site plan with the proposed driveway width shown, with measurements of the existing driveway, the proposed expansion, and the lot width.

2. Complete the Engineering Services Permit Application after your driveway width has been approved.

Step 2: Approval

Once a complete application is received, approvals and permits will be issued within 5-9 business days.

  • Only those areas approved by the Development Authority may be hard surfaced and/or utilized for parking motor vehicles.  (Hard surfacing means asphalt, concrete, paving stone or similar material, but not gravel.)
  • All widened residential driveways and additional driveways must be hard surfaced within one year of the approval.

Step 3: Construction

You may begin construction once you have received all required permits. Below is contact information you may need for ground work and utilities.

Locating utility lines prior to disturbing the ground is the owner's responsibility.