Aging Well Together

Aging Well Together

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The Aging Well Together initiative aims to explore the needs of older adults and seniors in Grande Prairie by actively engaging with residents aged 55 and older, as well as community stakeholders. Through public open house sessions hosted in January 2024 and a comprehensive survey open from January 22 to February 18, 2024, the initiative sought to address the overarching question: How can we make our community more age-friendly?

What we heard statistics

What we heard

The City of Grande Prairie is committed to building an Inclusive and Caring Community and ensuring Quality of Life for residents of all ages.  Informed by the constructive feedback and innovative ideas shared by residents and stakeholders, the City of Grande Prairie will be creating an Aging Well Together Action Plan.

The Aging Well Together Action Plan will bring awareness to initiatives and projects that the City is already undertaking to enhance the age-friendliness of our community. It will also identify “quick-fix,” short-term, and long-term goals targeting the priority focus areas identified by older adults and seniors.

Priority Focus Areas

  • Accessibility, Mobility, and Connectivity
  • Communication and Technology
  • Housing and the Cost of Living
  • Social Participation, Recreation, and Wellness
  • Community Supports and Health Services

For full details of the findings from the survey and engagement sessions, please read the Aging Well Together: What We Heard report below:


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