Fences do not require building or development permits if they follow the requirements as outlined in the City's Land Use Bylaw.

Step 1: Review Requirements

Maximum Height Permitted:

  • 1.8m (6’0”) in the rear and side yards
  • 0.9m (3’0”) in the front yard
  • 1.0m (3’3”) inside a corner visibility triangle

If, in the opinion of the Development Authority, where a lot is in close proximity to an arterial road as identified by the Municipal Development Plan, a solid 2.4 meter high fence may be permitted to provide noise attenuation and a visual barrier and will not require a development permit. 

Important Details to Keep in Mind:

  • Many residential areas have a restrictive covenant on the land title that dictates the style or colour of fencing permitted in your development area.  Please refer to your land title for this information. 
  • Fences cannot be located on City property and cannot be located on any City of Grande Prairie utility right-of-way. 
  • The most accurate way of finding the property line to situate your fence is to contact a survey company and have them come and find the pins and mark the property line.

Step 2: Construction