Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrants

To help ensure community safety, the Grande Prairie Fire Department needs unhindered access to fire hydrants located on or adjacent to your property.

  • Kept clear of obstructions and readily accessible for use by firefighters
  • Obstructions such as hedges, shrubs, trees, fences and the accumulation of materials are not permitted near the hydrant.
  • Fire hydrants should be kept clear of snow
  • Maintain ground cover and clearance around the hydrant so as to provide a clear view of the fire hydrant from the street when being approached from either direction.

A two (2) meter clearance should be maintained on each side of a fire hydrant and a one (1) meter clearance must be maintained on the side of a fire hydrant farthest from the street. Nothing may be erected and only grass may be planted in this clearance area.

View City Bylaw C-1139 Schedule "D" 13 - Operation of fire hydrants, for detailed information.

If you see a fire hydrant that has been accidentally covered when streets are plowed, you can report an issue online or call 780-538-0300.