Fire Prevention & Safety

Fire Prevention & Safety

Firefighter standing in front of a fire truck at an emergency scene

Fire Prevention

The role of Fire Prevention is to keep the citizens and employees of Grande Prairie safe through education and enforcement of fire safety practices.

What is done to educate residents about Fire Prevention? 

Educational talks, Inspections & Investigations are just some of the services GPFD has provided to the community.

Getting Kids Involved with Fire Safety

Encouraging kids to learn about fire safety can be both educational and entertaining. From interactive games and engaging workshops to creative art projects, there are a multitude of activities designed to teach kids the importance of fire prevention and safety procedures in an age-appropriate manner. These activities not only impart crucial life-saving knowledge but also foster a sense of responsibility and awareness in young minds.

To further ignite your child's interest in fire safety, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) features Sparky the Fire Dog, its official mascot and one of the most cherished and recognized symbols of fire prevention across the globe. Sparky's dedicated website is a treasure trove of fire safety activities tailored for children. Through interactive games, videos, and a variety of engaging content, children can deepen their understanding of fire safety.

By visiting Sparky’s website, your child has the unique opportunity to become an official member of Sparky's Fire Safety Club, joining a community of young fire safety advocates. This not only educates them on vital safety measures but also instills a sense of responsibility. Encourage your child’s journey into becoming a knowledgeable and conscientious individual by exploring this enriching resource together.

Fire Safety Tips

The Grande Prairie Fire Department is committed to ensuring our communities safety, understanding that fire safety plays a pivotal role in preventing devastating home fires and safeguarding lives from injury. Recognizing the importance of informed preparedness, we offer comprehensive insights into various fire safety topics below. From preventing kitchen fires to ensuring your smoke alarms are in optimal working condition, our goal is to arm you with the knowledge and tools needed for maintaining a safe and secure environment. Let us guide you through essential fire safety practices that can make a significant difference in protecting your home and loved ones.