Taxation Information

Taxation Information

Property taxes make up 64% of the City’s revenue sources, and go towards the operating budget.

The operating budget supports the daily programs and services the City provides to support our community and make it a great place to live, work and play. This includes everything from snow removal to transit to recreational facilities.

Each year, Council sets the Mill rates (tax rates) in late April or early May to meet our community’s needs.

A portion of the property tax payment is also a collection on behalf of the Government of Alberta for schools taxes.

View our 2024 Tax Brochure below for a full overview of where your tax dollars went the past taxation year.

Tax Notices are typically mailed in late May every year. Each registered property owner is sent a copy of the tax notice regardless of how the taxes are being paid.

Payment of property taxes is due on the last business day of June each year but can be made at any time during the year. For information on how to pay your property taxes, visit the Tax Payment Information page or the Tax Installment Payment Plan page for details on how to set up a monthly payment option.

Penalties will be applied to unpaid taxes in the current year and prior years.

For more information contact 311. 

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