Transit Routes & Schedules

Transit Routes & Schedules

Transit is on the move to better connect you around Grande Prairie.

We introduced newly redesigned routes and schedules on August 6, 2022 to enhance connectivity and provide improved service within the City.

View the Rider's Guide here. 

Highlights include:

  • All routes will meet/transfer downtown at the Towne Centre Mall
  • Service to the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital
  • Three routes travelling between downtown and the Eastlink Centre
  • Two-way service along 100 St. between downtown and Prairie Mall
  • Two-way service along 104 Ave. linking downtown, NWP or Northwest Polytechnic and Westgate area
  • A new “Shoppers Shuttle” route connecting all of the shopping areas between downtown and the Westgate area with 30 minute service all day
  • On-Demand Service to be implemented in select areas: Learn more about the On-Demand option here.
  • Late night service