Retail & Services


As a strategic regional hub for retail and industrial trade and commerce, Grande Prairie has established itself as a lucrative market for local and multi-national retailers thanks to it’s large trading area of nearly 300,000 people. 



Access to Market Demand

The city is located at the centre of an affluent region with a total trading area of 295,079 people. Retail spending in the total trading area represents $3.7 billion. 

The highest spending is in Comparison Merchandise at 35%, followed closely by Groceries and Convenience at 34%. A further 19% is spent on Automotive/RV and Motorsport Parts and Sales and the final 12% on Restaurants and Entertainment. High spending on clothing, home furnishing and specialty retail signifies a strong disposable income.

Availability of Skilled Labour

Thanks to the existing concentration of retail and service within the city, the retail trade industry represents a labour force of 4,489 in the city, and 6,271 in the region.

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