Retail & Services


As a strategic regional hub for retail and industrial trade and commerce, Grande Prairie has established itself as a lucrative market for local and multi-national retailers thanks to it’s large trading area of nearly 300,000 people. This trade area is forecast to grow by an additional 40,000 over the next decade, according to the 2019 Retail Market Analysis.


Retail Shopping


Access to Market Demand

The city is located at the centre of an affluent region with a total trading area of 288,496 people. Retail spending in the total trading area represents $4.7 billion, of which an impressive $2.9 billion comes from the primary trading area alone.

The highest spending is in Comparison Merchandise at 35%, followed closely by Groceries and Convenience at 34%. A further 19% is spent on Automotive/RV and Motorsport Parts and Sales and the final 12% on Restaurants and Entertainment. High spending on clothing, home furnishing and specialty retail signifies a strong disposable income.

As one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, Grande Prairie has seen an annual average growth rate of 3.69% since 2000. As the population continues to grow, retail spending and demand for new retail and service opportunities will continue to be supported by the young, fast growing city.

Availability of Skilled Labour

Thanks to the existing concentration of retail and service within the city, the retail trade industry represents a labour force of 4,489 in the city, and 6,271 in the region.

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