Heating and Cooling

Heating and Cooling


A subtrade permits may be required for heating and cooling installation or replacement. The permit depends on the type of appliance selected.

Below is guidance on if you require a permit for your project. You will also find the steps required to receive a permit, if needed.

Step 1: Apply

Complete a Subtrade Application. An application is deemed complete once all information is received and fees paid.

Step 2: Approval

Once a complete application is received, all permits will be issued within 2- 5 business days.

Step 3: Installation

You may begin installation once you have received all the required permits. Below is the contact information you may need for groundwork and utilities.

Locating utility lines prior to disturbing the ground is the owner's responsibility.

Step 4: Inspections

The conditions issued with your permits will outline what inspections are required.

All permits issued will require at least a final inspection. A final inspection and permit service report will be issued once the inspection has occurred and is in good standing.  A Homeowner that hires a Contractor should request a copy of the paperwork for house insurance purposes as well as for prospective buyers when the house is put up for sale. 

Request an inspection online.