A development permit is required for most signs within the City of Grande Prairie.  Depending on the scope of the sign, an electrical permit may be required.

Land use Bylaw C-1260, Schedule B outlines our bylaw requirements for signs.  Please note:

Portable signs do not require a development permit, but they must meet the requirements of Schedule B., Section 4.10

Digital signs (Electronic Message Display signs) are permitted but must meet the requirements for the type of sign (fascia, freestanding or billboard) as well as the requirements under Section 5.2 of Schedule B.  All digital signs are discretionary use.

A sign is any structure, device, light, or fixture intended to be seen and used to identify, advertise or attract attention to any person, object, product, event, place, organization, institution, development, business, group, profession, enterprise or industry and is intended to be seen from on or off the site where the sign is located.

Step 1: Apply

Depending on the scope of your project, you will require a variety of permits.

Please submit a complete Development Application. If the sign is electrical please submit a complete Sub Trade Application.

Step 2: Approval

Once a complete application is received, all permits will be issued within 2- 7 business days.

In the event a variance is required for an addition, timelines may extend up to 25 days.

Step 3: Construction

You may begin construction once you have received all required permits. Below is contact information you may need for ground work and utilities.

Step 4: Inspections

All required inspections are listed on the conditions issued with the permit.

it is the Permit holder's responsibility to ensure all inspections are requested and received.