Local Improvement Projects

Local Improvement Projects

Local improvement projects make it possible for one or more property owners to obtain services and finance the costs by amortizing construction charges on the tax roll over a set number of years. 

Considering a local improvement project? Contact the City of Grande Prairie to check:

  • If servicing may become available
  • If "local improvement financed" construction is feasible
  • If the area is eligible for local improvement servicing under the existing Municipal Government Act

Examples of what may be constructed under local improvements:

  • Storm sewers
  • Watermains
  • Sewer and water upgrades
  • Lane paving
  • Median break
  • Lane reconstruction
  • Sidewalks
  • Streetlights

When can the City undertake a local improvement project?

Certain conditions must be met, including:

  • Sufficient petitions requesting local improvement construction are received
  • Sufficient petitions protesting against the local improvement construction are not received.
  • Compliance with the Municipal Government Act (MGA) Statues of Alberta 1994, Chapter M-261.
  • A bylaw is passed by City Council authorizing the financing and completion of the local improvement construction.

When are assessments placed on the tax roll?

Upon completion of construction, the local improvement assessments are placed on the tax roll.

If you are subject to a local improvement already, it can be found on the property tax notice stating the annual payment and year of the last payment.