Community Knowledge Campus (CKC) Advisory Committee

Community Knowledge Campus (CKC) Advisory Committee


The City of Grande Prairie's Community Knowledge Campus Advisory Committee was established to function as a Committee of Council and is guided by the Boards and Committees Bylaw C-1422.


The Committee will provide:

  • a well-balanced approach in discussing recreational and sport development specific to CKC;
  • advocacy for internal stakeholders and user groups;
  • collaborative exploration of potential regional and provincial events, tournaments and tourism opportunities that can be brought to CKC;
  • research and advise on future bid opportunities for potential growth in recreation and sport specifically related to CKC;
  • advice in support of the administrative process related to Council's Strategic Plan, City directives, budget, renewal and capital planning processes in alignment with administrative procedures; and
  • advice on specific CKC issues, future growth and development of facilities and campus stakeholder engagement opportunities.


Committee members, appointed by Council, will consist of up to eleven (11) Public Members representing various user groups from sport and recreation.


As set out in the Boards and Committees Bylaw C-1422.

Meeting Time

The Committee will approve a regular quarterly meeting schedule. The Committee will meet a minimum of four (4) times annually.


NIL. This is a volunteer position.

How to Apply

There are currently no vacancies. Applications will open in Fall 2024 for Public Member positions available in January 2025.

For further information

Contact the Council Committee Coordinator at 780-357-8747 or email