Change of Use

Change of Use


A change of use permit is required when the type of business at a location is changing.

A development and building permit are required for a change of use. 


Step 1: Apply

Depending on the type of Change of Use, you may require both of the following permits. Please contact our office to confirm what is required for your situation. 

Inspection Services 780-538-0421 or by email


Development Permitting 780-538-0325 or by email

Once confirmed, please submit the applicable, complete applications. 

Development Application

Building Permit Application

Step 2: Approval

Once a complete application is received, all permits will be issued within 2- 7 business days.

In the event a variance is required for an addition, timelines may extend up to 25 days.

Step 3: Construction

You may begin construction once you have received all required permits. Below is contact information you may need for ground work and utilities.

Step 4: Inspections

Once you have received your development and building permit, request an inspection.

We will send Safety Codes Officers for all disciplines to ensure the space is safe for use. If a life safety concern is identified, a permit to rectify the unsafe situation may be required.