Donating Items | Grande Prairie Museum

The Grande Prairie Museum accepts donations year-round of items that add historical value to its collections. 

What do we look for when accepting donations?

  • Condition of the item
  • Do we have this item already?
  • Is it better than one we have?
  • Is it historically significant to the area?
  • Did it come over either the Edson or Athabasca Trails?
  • Does it have historical value somewhere else?
  • Could it be passed on to a different local museum?
  • Is it rare or very unusual?
  • Could we use it as a prop?
  • Could it be used for historic building renovations?
  • Could it be passed on to South Peace Regional Archives?

Once an item is accepted we:

  • Collect information on the item.
  • Ask the donor to sign a “Certificate of Gift” form. This legal document advises the donor that we have accepted their donation and that they agree that the Museum now owns the item, and can use it as we see fit, within our governing guidelines.
  • Give the item an accession number.

Our goal

  • Meet professional museum standards
  • Pursue excellence in our collecting activity
  • Protect the objects that tell the story of our heritage
  • Our collection is a resource for the public and researchers
  • Continue to grow and develop
  • Show Grande Prairie’s uniqueness as a community
  • Improve our ability to represent the variety and richness of our community and heritage
  • Be a destination for both locals and other visitors