Cemetery Features

Cemetery Features

Cemetery Features

Flyingshot Lake Cemetery

This cemetery was established in the Flying Shot Lake District in 1914 on behalf of the Presbyterian Church. It was the first cemetery in the Grande Prairie area and is now fully contained within the currant cemetery.

The land was granted by the Department of the Interior on March 17, 1914 and the first burial occurred that November with the interment of A.W. Hamilton.

The Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-19 claimed hundreds of lives in the Grande Prairie area and many of these victims are buried in this cemetery.

Mission Cemetery

This cemetery was originally the property of La Corporation Episcopal Catholique Romaine de Grouard, located along the banks of Bear Creek. In 1964, it was recognized that sections of private property and roadway along Bear Creek were eroding and this cemetery was at risk.

The City of Grande Prairie approved the transfer of the Mission Cemetery to a section of the Grande Prairie Cemetery, which was completed by September 26, 1966. The City extended every effort to determine the identity of all those interred in the Mission Cemetery; however, only 61 of the 123 individuals buried there have been identified. On July 28, 1996, a monument was erected to commemorate those identified and unidentified persons formerly interred in the Mission Cemetery.

Veteran's Tombstones

The Grande Prairie cemetery has a designated veteran's cemetery, containing graves of those who fought in both World Wars.

The Field Garden

This is a cremation section that provides families with a peaceful garden atmosphere to visit loved ones. There is a gazebo for services or gatherings. The Field Garden accommodates traditional burial of ashes or families may choose a monument. As well, the City of Grande Prairie is now offering a traditional columbarium.