GP Grows

GP Grows


The City of Grande Prairie is showcasing a few ways for residents to engage with nature this season while sowing and reaping the rewards of growing their food. Gardening at Home, edible landscapes and community orchards with fresh fruit will be sprouting up around the City this season. Click on the categories below and get growing and learning!

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Bee City

The City of Grande Prairie is proud to be protecting pollinators in our community as an official Bee City.  Some of the work we are doing to protect and support the local pollinator populations includes:

  • Eight pollinator gardens created in GP specifically to boost pollinators during times when other nectars and pollen sources are in short supply
  • Ground cover in our community orchards planted to provide pollen when sources are in short supply
  • Committed to an Edible Landscaping Policy 212 across the City to plant a specific portion of trees each year that produce edible crops. These trees produce flowers that feed pollinators. Since 2014, Parks Operations has planted hundreds of edible trees, including apple, pear, apricot, plum, and cherry trees
  • Created a Bylaw that allows for naturalization of areas of land which to support local pollinators
  • Significantly reduced the use of insecticides since 2015