Road Rehabilitation

Road Rehabilitation

The City's Road Rehabilitation Program consists of three types of road work: road reconstruction, road overlay, and full depth reclamation (FDR). Each program and its sites are explained below.

If you have questions regarding the Road Rehabilitation Program or are seeking more information, please call the AccessGP at 780-538-0300 or 311 if you're within city limits.

Road Overlay

A road overlay includes removing and replacing the existing asphalt pavement, which is typically the top layer of the road structure. This process is used to extend the life of a roadway currently showing cracks and potholes. 

Road Reconstruction

Road reconstruction involves removing the existing road structure and replacing it with a new one. A full reconstruction occurs when the roadway is past the point of intervention.

Full Depth Reclamation

Full-depth reclamation includes breaking apart the existing road pavement, recycling some materials, and mixing them into the road's lower levels and base structure. Cement and foamed asphalt are mixed into the structure and compacted. Once this is complete, a new asphalt pavement structure is laid on top.