Moving in the Flight Direction

Moving in the Flight Direction

Located at the Grande Prairie Regional Airport, Adventure Aviation draws students from all over the world, making Grande Prairie home to one of the finest flight schools in all of Canada.

Adventure Aviation is a triple threat, offering flight training, charter flights and aircraft maintenance - all licensed with Transportation Canada and located within the same facility.

Grande Prairie’s mix of retail, commercial, traditional and emerging industry sectors provides Adventure Aviation with an ideal location and demographic for their business.  Being a northern, rural community, these various industries rely on the convenience of local air travel. Adventure Aviation is a key component to keeping planes in the air and training the pilots of tomorrow.  

Air transportation is a heavily regulated industry, requiring specific licences. By having and maintaining these licenses within Adventure Aviation’s flight school, charter service and full-service maintenance centre they are an asset to the community and to the students studying to become pilots.

“At Adventure Aviation we provide a full package deal. Everything from flight training, a full-time maintenance department and a charter operation. We will get you to where you need to go,”

 - Phil Troyer, Part Owner of Adventure Aviation

Having these three services within the same facility offers unique valuable learning experiences for students learning to fly.

“We encourage our students to fly into larger centres like Calgary and Edmonton to build their hours and experience. Sometimes we need [airplane] parts right away for our maintenance department. We will find a student who wants to fly down, pick up the parts, and fly back. Rather than flying around in circles, this gives the students quality hours and experience flying in and out of larger airports.”


Adventure Aviation’s flight school prides itself on offering its students these deeper experiences they would not be exposed to at other traditional flight schools.

              “Our students come down into the hangar when our maintenance department engineers are working on various aircraft. They will see an airplane that is all torn apart and say, ‘hey can you explain to me how this landing gear system works?’ This gives them a first-hand view and experience of how these airplanes work from the inside out.”

Students are also able to tag along on empty legs of the charter flight side of Adventure Aviation’s operation. This gives them exposure to the various careers available to them once they earn their wings. The availability of charter flights also provides local businesses with a quick, convenient option for travel in and outside of our region.

The Grande Prairie Regional Airport provides all the amenities and technology of a larger airport without the heavy air traffic of larger centres. This allows Adventure Aviation’s students to have a more comfortable learning environment and faster access to their flight training area which is just five minutes away from the facility.

“You rent the airplanes by the hour, so time is a very important factor. Here in Grande Prairie, the runway is two minutes from the hanger and then five minutes in the air to the training zone,” Phil Troyer said. “A lot of the bigger centres like Calgary or Ottawa where the other larger flight schools are located, you can wait 15 minutes on the ground, then you have to wait for traffic and then it is another 15 minutes to the training zone.”

Adventure Aviation cuts this time down considerably by offering its students more time in the air learning versus time on the ground taxing to the runway or flying to the training area.

With adventures as relaxed as a discovery flight over the Peace Region or as intense as becoming a licensed pilot, Adventure Aviation has carved a unique service model that attracts people from across the world to Grande Prairie.

Learn more about earning your wings or gifting someone the excitement of a discovery flight by visiting Adventure Aviation’s website or Facebook page.