Residential Snow Clearing Begins Wednesday

Residential Snow Clearing Begins Wednesday

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A round of residential snow removal begins Wednesday, November 9.

Residential snow clearing begins when declared by the City with consideration of snow accumulations and upcoming weather conditions. Current snowfall and freezing weather have led to conditions where a round of residential snow clearing is warranted.

Residential snow clearing occurs in two-week rotations when declared and is completed by contracted snow removal crews from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

NEW Week A and Week B Residential Clearing Schedule

To increase the accuracy of the information provided the City has assigned neighbourhoods to a "week A" and "week B" schedule when residential snow clearing is declared.

The updated schedule does not impact operations and is a new way of clearly identifying which residential neighbourhoods crews are plowing. Residential snow clearing still occurs in a two-week rotation, and the snow removal day assigned to a neighbourhood remains the same.

When a round of residential snow removal is declared by the City, crews will clear all residential roads (week A and week B) within a two-week rotation. The current residential snow-clearing rotation begins on Wednesday in week A areas.


Week A

Week B


Hillside, Mountview, Summit and VLA/Montrose.

Crystal Heights, Crystal Landing and Ivy Lake Estates.


Patterson and South Patterson, Southview, and Signature Falls.

Country Club Estates, Countryside North and South and Country Club West.


Avondale, College Park and Swanavon.

Cobblestone, Fieldbrook, Highland Park, Riverstone and Smith.


Kensington, Mission Heights, O’Brien Lake and Stone Ridge.

Pinnacle Ridge and Westpointe.


Arbour Hills, Copperwood, Crystal Ridge, Gateway, Northridge, Royal Oaks and Westgate.

Lakeland and Crystal Lake Estates.

Parking Bans

A parking ban on all permanent snow routes is in effect and is active from Monday to Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Priority Road Clearing

The City continues to plow, sand, and salt the priority road network.

Residents wishing to enquire about snow removal may call AccessGP at 311. For more information on snow removal, visit