Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management


Vegetation management refers to the practice of controlling and maintaining plant growth, particularly in areas where unmanaged vegetation could pose risks or interfere with human activities. It is commonly applied in the following contexts:

  1. Utilities: Ensuring trees and other plants do not interfere with power lines, pipelines, or other infrastructure. This can prevent outages and reduce the risk of fires.
  2. Fire Prevention: Reducing vegetation that could serve as fuel for wildfires, particularly in areas prone to fire. This involves clearing brush, maintaining firebreaks, and other preventative measures.
  3. Urban Areas: Managing parks, green spaces, and other public areas to ensure safety, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal. This includes activities like mowing, pruning, and removing hazardous trees.
  4. Environmental Conservation: Preserving natural habitats and promoting biodiversity by controlling invasive species and encouraging the growth of native plants.

Effective vegetation management requires a strategic approach that considers the specific needs and challenges of the area being managed, as well as the long-term environmental and social impacts.


Trees are an integral part of our urban landscape, providing a wide range of benefits that contribute to the overall well-being of our community. From environmental advantages such as improving air quality and sequestering carbon to economic benefits like enhancing home value and reducing energy consumption, and even social benefits such as reducing stress and providing food, trees play a crucial role in creating a sustainable and vibrant city.

Whose Tree is This?

Understanding Tree Ownership and Responsibilities in the City of Grande Prairie

As residents of the City of Grande Prairie, it is essential to have a clear understanding of property boundaries and tree ownership. Parcel boundaries can vary from site to site, and knowing who owns the trees located on or near your property is crucial. The City of Grande Prairie is here to provide valuable information and guidance, ensuring residents make informed decisions regarding tree care and maintenance.

Urban Forestry

An urban forest includes all the vegetation growing in a city, public or private, trees, shrubs, perennials, and groundcovers.  They all combine to make up the urban ecosystem. It is often difficult to assess the true value of an urban forest. Monetary value can be calculated based on models of an average neighbourhood; however, these measurements only express a part of an urban forest's true value. 

There are many intangible benefits of a healthy urban forest: