Point in Time Count

Point in Time Count


The City of Grande Prairie conducts a city-wide Point-in-Time (PiT) Count of homelessness every two years in collaboration with Alberta’s 7 Cities Network on Housing and Homelessness.

PiT Counts serve two important functions: they provide a current snapshot of the demographics and number of people experiencing homelessness in the city and enable us to examine changes in homelessness over time.

By aligning Grande Prairie’s Count method with methods used across Alberta’s 7 Cities network, we can examine and address larger trends. Ultimately, this helps to support the goal of ending homelessness in our city and across the province.

PiT Count Results 2018

2018 Final Report- Grande Prairie

Results Summary:

  • 63% male, 37% female
  • 8% dependants under 18, 14% independent youth between ages 13-24, 48% between the ages 25-44, 30% between the ages of 45-64.
  • 61% sleeping in an emergency shelter, 14% residential treatment, 10% motel/hotel (sponsored), 6% incarcerated/holding cell, 2% respondent doesn’t know, 3% other unsheltered location/public space, 2% transitional housing, 2% hospital.
  • 44% of those counted as experiencing homelessness were Indigenous
  • 54 people counted had been in Grande Prairie less than a year
  • 40 people were counted living in transitional housing programs
  • 53% of people counted were chronically homeless