Coordinated Care Campus

Coordinated Care Campus


About the Coordinated Care Campus

The Coordinated Care Campus is a partnership led by the City of Grande Prairie and community service providers to address chronic homelessness through supportive housing. The Coordinated Care Campus is not a shelter, drop-in, halfway house, or temporary accommodation. It is a long-term housing solution in which tenants pay subsidized rent. Tenants are provided health, wellness and life skills support they need to succeed in maintaining stabilized housing. It will also offer office and programming space for social service organizations.

On-site 24/7 primary care services along with addiction, trauma and mental health supports are provided through the coordinated efforts of local NGO Northreach Society, Alberta Health Services and other social service organizations. All programming components have a focus on an individual’s journey through a recovery-oriented system of care and will include individual plans that identify steps to attain their highest level of achievable independence.

This facility offers a unique opportunity for the Coordinated Care Campus to conveniently co-locate tenants with service providers, healthcare supports, food, designated inclusive Indigenous and multi-cultural spaces (smudging/prayer/activities/crafts), and recreation all within one site. Additionally, the site is designed to be conducive to social enterprise and employment opportunities.

To learn more about what Supportive Housing is, click here.

Join the Coordinated Care Campus Community Advisory Committee

The City of Grande Prairie is currently recruiting public members to join the new Coordinated Care Campus Community Advisory Committee.

The purpose of the committee is to provide a connection between the Coordinated Care Campus and the community, with members providing advice and feedback on matters related to the facility.

Learn more and apply here. 


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