Development Permit - Variance application

Development Permit - Variance application

What is a Variance?

A variance means an alteration or change to a standard prescribed by the Land Use Bylaw.

The Land Use Bylaw helps to regulate development in the City. Regulations include but are not limited to, minimum lot sizes, building setback lines, lot coverage, building height and parking requirements. Each development must meet the regulations for its zoning district.

Sometimes there are unusual conditions on the property and it may not be possible to meet all the zoning requirements when you are planning new construction. Your property may be so narrow or oddly shaped that you might need to apply for a Variance.

Submission of an application for a Variance to the Land Use Bylaw does not guarantee approval of the variance.  Each application is reviewed individually. 

Fees and Timelines:  The fee for a variance is $400 for residential development and $600 for signs and commercial/industrial development.   Variances over 10% must be circulated to adjacent property owners so the timeline for these would be approximately 3 weeks, while variances under 10% will be processed more quickly. 

Submission Information:  Complete applications may be submitted electronically to  Please include the development permit application associated to the variance application.   You can also attend our front desk at 9505 - 112 Street, Grande Prairie between 8:30 and 4:30 Monday to Friday.  

Questions:  If you have questions about our application form or the application process, please contact us at 780-538-0325 or 

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