Food Truck Permit

Food Truck Permit

What is a Food Truck?

A Food Truck, or its official name Mobile Cooking Operation, is a restaurant on wheels. This could be a van, truck or trailer converted to contain a mobile commercial-grade kitchen.

What is required to operate a Food Truck?

There are requirements for Alberta Health Services, the Fire Department and Inspection Services.

For a food truck to legally operate inside the City, all units are required to have an inspection from the Fire Department, Alberta Health Services and Inspection Services. Upon successful inspections, the unit will be awarded a sticker, from each authority for the current year. If one (or more) of the inspection is not successful, the Operator will be provided with items that need to be corrected before receiving their sticker.

Please see drop-down list below for further information on each authority.

Department: Inspection Services
Category: Mobile Concession