2021 General Election

2021 General Election


2021 Municipal Election Official Results

The detailed results for Mayor, City Councillor, Public and Separate School Board Trustee, Provincial Senate Election, and Provincial Referendum questions are now available.

Please note, the provincial senate and referendum questions are for the City of Grande Prairie only and do not represent results from across Alberta. The results across Alberta will be released by the Province.

Candidate Campaign Financial Disclosure Statements
Adetokunbo-Taiwo, EjibolaSubmitted
Berg, GrantSubmitted
Blackmore, GladysSubmitted
Bosch, WendySubmitted
Bressey, DylanSubmitted
Brown, TammySubmitted
Clayton, JackieSubmitted
Erickson, MelissaSubmitted
Friesen, EuniceSubmitted
Shae, GuySubmitted
Hafner, GeraldSubmitted
Jasper, MichelleSubmitted
Lehners, JohnSubmitted
McLean, KevinSubmitted
Minhas, YadSubmitted
Ngemital, PaulSubmitted
O'Connor, MikeSubmitted
Okhifoh, SolomonSubmitted
O'Toole, KevinSubmitted
Petryshyn, BryanSubmitted
Singh, SarvinderSubmitted
Thiessen, ChrisSubmitted
Tuazon, NeilSubmitted
VonGruner, GlynSubmitted