Residential Driveway Request application

Residential Driveway Request application

This form is used to request the widening of a residential driveway, the addition of another residential driveway or the movement of a residential driveway to a new location.  

Fees and Timelines:  There is no fee for a request to widen or change your driveway.    Most applications are processed within a week.  You will receive a response via e-mail.

Submission Information:  Please complete the application form and submit with a Real Property Report or site plan with measurements of the existing driveway and your proposed driveway.  Applications may be submitted electronically to  You can also attend our front desk at 9505 - 112 Street, Grande Prairie between 8:30 and 4:30 Monday to Friday.  

Questions:  If you have questions about our application form or the application process, please contact us at 780-538-0325 or 

Also Known As:  Driveway widening request, additional driveway request

Department: Planning and Development
Category: Building, Development and Construction