Development Permit - Sign Permit

Development Permit - Sign Permit

Fees and Timelines:  The fee required depends upon the type of sign.  Permanent freestanding signs are $300.00 per sign, fascia signs are $100.00 per sign, Billboards $600.00 per sign.  Electronic message display signs are the fee for the type of sign in addition to a discretionary use fee of $400.00.  A variance to the sign bylaw is an additional fee of $600.00

The timeline for a sign permit can be only a few days for a simple application but several weeks if it is a discretionary use or requires a variance.

Submission Information:  Please review the submission requirements on the front page of the application.  You may submit the application online to or you can attend our front counter at 9505 - 112 Street, from Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30

Questions:  Please contact us at 780-538-0325 or 

Also Known as:  Sign Permit


Portable Signage on City Boulevards

The City of Grande Prairie Planning and Development administers a program that permits portable sign businesses within Grande Prairie to place portable signs on the City’s arterial roadways to advertise not-for-profit or community events.


There are 66 approved locations within Grande Prairie that are available for this program. Each approved site location is based on meeting the following criteria: Land Use Bylaw (zoning), traffic safety and visibility requirements. No other locations are available for this program at this time. The City may under certain circumstances grant other “special locations” within a city boulevard. Permission for these “special locations” must be obtained by contacting Planning and Development directly before finding a portable sign company to advertise.

Use of Public Lands Bylaw

Use of these sites is governed under Bylaw C-1078 - Use of Public Lands. In 2011, The City of Grande Prairie, in conjunction with various portable sign companies operating within Grande Prairie, developed Policy 605-0  and Procedure 605 - 1 and 605-2 to administer the program.

How to Advertise on City Boulevards

If you have a community event (meeting the definition in Policy 605-0) such as:

  • Sport Registration (Minor Hockey Registration),
  • Charitable Event (Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life) or,
  • School Event (Christmas Concert, Kindergarten Registration)

and you are looking to advertise your event on an approved city boulevard, you are encouraged to contact one of the portable sign companies participating in the 2020/2021 program:

  • Postcard Portables
  • Magnet Signs
  • Urban Ads

Each company may place signs at various locations within designated areas of the City. All sites are subject to availability.

Map of Locations

View a PDF of site locations with their associated portable sign company below:

Sites 1-3 - North Boulevards 136 Ave to 139 Ave
Sites 4-7 - North Boulevards 132 Ave to 136 Ave
Sites 8-13 - North Boulevards 128 Ave to 132 Ave
Sites 14-22 - North Boulevards 124 Ave to 128 Ave
Sites 23-30 - North Boulevards 119 Ave to 124 Ave
Sites 31-34 - North Boulevards 116 Ave to 119 Ave
Sites 35-38 - Bypass at Peace Wapiti Fields/Legion Field
Sites 39-43 - Bypass from Wapiti Road to 112 St
Sites 44-50 - Bypass from 112 St to 116 St
Site 51 - Resources Road at the Bell Tower Plaza
Sites 52-56 - Resources Road Downtown
Sites 57-60 - Resources Road at Pete Eager Fire Hall
Sites 61-62 - Resources Road at 76 Ave
Sites 63-66 - Resources Road at 68 Ave


If you have any further questions regarding portable signage, please contact Planning and Development at 780-538-0325.

Department: Planning and Development
Category: Building, Development and Construction