Great People & Great Tech: A Better Insurance Experience

Great People & Great Tech: A Better Insurance Experience

Insurely is one of Canada's fastest-growing online insurance brokerages that makes buying online insurance simple, fast, and convenient. From their location in Grande Prairie, they’ve modernized customer service, leveraged technology, and built a culture that shakes tradition.

Entrepreneur, Pierce Krol, started Insurely after realizing a gap in the way insurance transactions were made. As an individual with a strong work ethic, Pierce started to think about all the ways technology made his and other consumer transactions more efficient and less painful.

Pierce wanted to start a brokerage that focused on technology to improve customer experience.

“We want to disrupt the customer service piece . The technology allows us to move quicker, we can scale, we can work in different time zones, so we're working, when the client wants to buy their insurance. Whether that's 12 o'clock or 12 midnight,” Pierce explained.

The technology that Insurely has integrated into their customer service process allows them to move quicker than their competitors. Pierce adds that there is nothing wrong with brick-and-mortar insurance companies. He believes there is a place for those businesses in today’s market, but that Insurely is specifically looking to serve customers who are looking for an expedited experience.

The Grande Prairie Advantage

Insurely has leveraged technology to build a tech-based company in Grande Prairie by collaborating with a firm in Calgary, Alberta.

“They ended up building the technology that powers Insurely for us, and we can keep doing what we do well, which is the insurance piece” Pierce adds.

"We don't need to be downtown Vancouver. We can be downtown Grande Prairie, having a really cool space and a nice community where you can get outside during the day and go for walks and ride your bike and you're not fighting traffic. We can take off for work 15 minutes prior to your start time. There's so much positivity about being in Grande Prairie."

Hiring the Best People

As for employing individuals across Canada, they are not leaving it off the table, but said their focus is on hiring good people in the Grande Prairie community first.

“We quickly realized that we there's a lot of great people in Grande Prairie,” explained Pierce. “And when we were looking at personality over technical, say licensed or pre-existing technical ability, it opened the door wide open because we really are looking for that world's best barista or your amazing hostess.”

Standing Out

It is not only technology and customer service that makes Insurely different. They are one of the first online insurance brokers to accept Cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

“There's consumers out there that want to use this alternative currency. So, what we found was a bit of an answer, we ended up sourcing a third-party company where we can accept cryptocurrency.”

Coming soon, Insurely is also making insurance more accessible to those customers who speak different languages.

“We're going to have the ability inside of our firm, whether that's through technology, or through employees that speak multiple languages. We're going to be capable of serving Canadians in 200 languages.”

Part of this strategy also includes translating their website into multiple languages to better serve customers.

Insurely plans to expand to become licensed in Ontario in the first quarter of 2022, and further expand into the Maritime provinces in the future.

While they are an online company expanding services across Canada, they do have a physical location and are proud to call Grande Prairie’s downtown core home. Make sure to check out their products and services at