Community Consultation Launches for Budget 2023

Community Consultation Launches for Budget 2023

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Public engagement opportunities are now open for members of the community to provide input and feedback as the City begins preparations for the 2023 budget deliberations.

The City’s focus for Budget 2023 is to develop a budget that aligns with Council's new 2022-2025 Strategic Priorities:

  • Quality of Life
  • Innovative Economic Readiness
  • Inclusive Caring Community
  • Engaging Relationships

The community consultation is an opportunity to collect feedback from residents to understand community priorities and service values.

Engagement is launching with a variety of online tools to share ideas and opinions and will include in-person consultation sessions in the fall.

Community members are encouraged to visit the City’s engagement website at to participate in a variety of online opportunities to shape the upcoming budget including:

  • A survey that takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • A Balancing Act interactive calculator tool to learn how the City’s operating budget is allocated and submit your own balanced City budget
  • An idea space to share your answers to brainstorming questions
  • A Q&A space to ask administration questions about the budget and get live responses

Results from all the engagement activities are being compiled and presented to City Council prior to Council budget deliberations in November.

The Open Budget data portal is also available for participants to view and explore all publicly available financial data for the City of Grande Prairie.

The City thanks all residents for their participation and input to the 2023 Budget so the City can make budget decisions that are in alignment with residents’ values.