George Repka Outstanding Achievement Award

George Repka Outstanding Achievement Award

The George Repka Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have made a major contribution in the areas of recreation, culture, or social services to the community.


  • The applicants must have exhibited long (20+ years) service to the City in the areas of recreation, culture, or social services.
  • All applicants should be distinguished with notable achievements or contributions to the City.

Making a Nomination

  • May be made by the public at large or an organization within the community
  • Nomination form must be completed and include a statement of the nominees achievements
  • Submit as an attachment to the Grande Prairie Regional Association of Volunteer Organizations at

Nomination Form

Complete a nomination form here. 

Nomination Deadline

October 20, 2023

The Award

  • The Award shall consist of a plaque presented by the Mayor at the City of Grande Prairie Corporate Volunteer Recognition Event held each year.
  • Name(s) of the winner(s) of this award will be inscribed annually on a large plaque installed in City Hall which will include the name and year of presentation of all those receiving the award throughout the years.

Previous award winners have included:

  • 2023 - Bethe Goldie
  • 2021 - Joseph Redhead
  • 2021 - John Boyle
  • 2020 - Vikki Ross
  • 2020 - Fletcher Bootle
  • 2018 - Susan K. Thomson
  • 2018 - Willie Braun
  • 2017 - Bill Corcoran
  • 2017 - Ken O'Shea
  • 2016 - Patricia (Pat) Cooke
  • 2015 - Ian Kay 
  • 2015 - Dr. Curtis Smith


In 1987 the Recreation Committee felt there was a major gap in the Achievement Awards Program. Individuals who may not have won a provincial, national or international event but have made a major contribution to our community in the areas of recreation, culture or social services were not being recognized. On March 10, 1987, they made a motion “that the City establish an award recognizing citizens who made an outstanding contribution to the City in a volunteer capacity. This award be named after George Repka who himself has made a significant contribution in terms of time and effort to the City."

About George Repka

George was born in rural north-eastern Alberta in 1914 to Ukrainian immigrant parents. Despite having a limited formal education, he nevertheless succeeded at business, politics, sports and perhaps most importantly, community. A meat cutter by trade, he first happened upon Grande Prairie in 1942, on his way to work on the construction of the Alaska Highway. He was so impressed with the potential of the Peace Country that in 1953, he packed up the family and moved to Grande Prairie. He went on to construct and open the Wapiti Drive-In Theatre that year.

Drive-In theatres were popular post-World War II. Many of the same faces would be seen there week after week, as families, friends and dating couples looked for an alternative form of entertainment. The Wapiti was very much a family-run enterprise with all members contributing to its success. The importance of working together as a team became most apparent in those years. It was sold after the 1971 season.

In the early GP years, George supplemented his income by working for George Vagt at City Meats in the winter months. After serving as an alderman, he was elected Mayor in 1958. George Repka was the first Mayor elected after Grande Prairie received City status; he was elected on October 15, 1958 and was re-elected for three more terms, serving as Mayor until 1968.

George Repka believed that all citizens had a duty to contribute and make their voice heard. During his time as Mayor, Grande Prairie’s streets were paved, sidewalks were installed, a new City Hall was built as well as the Water Treatment Plant on the Wapiti River. A Preventive Social Service unit was established and the City-owned Industrial Park was developed. He believed Grande Prairie was the “land of opportunity”. George also served as President of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and in 1985 they awarded him an Award of Excellence.

George’s ten years at the helm of the City established a record. Once retiring from politics in 1968, George dabbled in real estate and land development, forming Nor-Alta Real Estate which was located on Richmond Avenue downtown.


Contact Information:

Administrative Coordinator
Sports Development, Wellness and Culture
Phone: 780-538-0453