City Prepares for Winter Trail Maintenance

City Prepares for Winter Trail Maintenance

The City of Grande Prairie is gearing up for essential trail maintenance to ensure safe and hazard-free trail systems throughout the colder months.

Over the summer, we've had the pleasure of witnessing the incredible growth of our community rock snakes. These creations have added a unique charm to our local parks and trails. We appreciate the enthusiasm and creativity of our residents who have contributed to these displays.

We invite residents to participate in the preservation of these rock snakes. If you've placed rocks in these formations and wish to keep them, we kindly request that you retrieve them before October 1, 2023.

After this date, our parks department crews will begin the process of winter trail maintenance, which includes clearing hazards and preparing the trails for snow removal operations. As a result, any remaining rocks in the rock snake formations will be removed to facilitate these essential winter activities.

We thank you for your cooperation.