Municipal Fee Rebate - DIG Application Form

Municipal Fee Rebate - DIG Application Form

The Municipal Fee Rebate is for new residential construction, reconstruction, or infill projects to stimulate local employment.  

Infill refers to the development of vacant or under-utilized parcels within existing commercial, industrial, or residential areas already served by utilities infrastructure, and that have a total developable land inventory comprising less than 10% of the existing base.  

It is a grant equal to 100 % of the City imposed portions of all Inspection Services Permit Fees, Engineering Services Fees and Planning & Development Fees to a maximum of $10,000. 

Land Use Bylaw Amendment Fees may be rebated 100% for an approved application and 50% for applications not approved. 

Amounts remitted to other levels of government, charged as a result of a penalty or relating to construction not approved under this Policy remain payable. 

Fees and Timelines

Applications are open July 28, 2021 and are available until 4:00 PM, December 30, 2022. 

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and will be accepted until funds are fully assigned or the program is closed.

Application Requirements

To be eligible for this incentive, the project must be a new residential construction of single detached dwelling, duplex or multi-attached dwelling projects within city limits.   

No construction can be performed prior to signing a Reimbursement Agreement with the City. 

Submission Information

  1. Contact the Program Coordinator to discuss your project, assess your eligibility and review the application process. 
  2. Prepare an application ensuring the project will comply with all permit requirements, Provincial Building Codes, applicable statutory plans, City’s Land Use Bylaw C-1260 and all other relevant Bylaws. 
  3. Submit a completed application to the Program Coordinator via email to: 


Any questions or inquiries can be made to the Program Coordinator at or 780-513-5240.


Department: Economic Development
Category: Business Grants, Funding and Awards