Drone Use Permit

Drone Use Permit

This form is used to collect applications for drone use in the City of Grande Prairie's parks.

The City's Parkland Bylaw (C-1310) allows for drones to be operated from the City's parks. Designated areas are specified in the application form. Permit requirements depend on the weight of the drone.

Drones weighing under 250g do not require a permit for use within City parks, but must be operated in accordance with Canadian Aviation Regulations (SOR/96-433). Drones weighing 250g or more require a permit to operate from a City park. Please complete the application form to obtain a permit. Permits are valid until December 31 of each year.

Fees and Timelines

Annual Permit Fee: $52.50

Application Requirements

Submit this application form with all required details.

Submission Information

Submit completed form to eventpermits@cityofgp.com.


Ernie Radbourne Pavilion: 780-538-0451

Also Known As

Drone Permit, drone application form, Drone Use

Department: Community Recreation & Sports Development
Category: Recreation