FOIP Request - General Information

FOIP Request - General Information

FOIP Request - General Information

If you want to access General Information held by the City of Grande Prairie, you will need to determine if this information is already publicly available. The City of Grande Prairie must make information not exempt from disclosure under FOIP available to the public.  For further information, contact Valerie Norris-Kirk, FOIP Coordinator for the City of Grande Prairie, by phone: 780-357-8716 or by email:

If the information you would like to access is protected from disclosure under FOIP, you will then need to fill out and submit a Request to Access General Information form. 


To access General Information, there is an initial fee of $25.00. Payment of this fee is required before processing of the request can begin and should be included with your Request to Access Information form. 

In addition to the initial fee, there may also be fees for producing copies of documents in excess of $150.  For example, if the fee for photocopying is $0.25 per page then any request involving more than 600 pages will result in a fee.  An estimate of these fees will be provided to you in advance. 

If the fee exceeds $150, you will be required to pay a 50% deposit before the processing of the request will continue.  Once fees are paid in full, all records will be provided.

All fees are in accordance with Schedule 2 of Alberta Regulation 200/95 and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Regulation, Section 12 (1), (2)-(3).


While the City of Grande Prairie is committed to responding to and completing all FOIP requests as quickly as possible, the FOIP act allows for up to 30 days for a response, including an extension of an additional 30 days under these circumstances:

  • not enough detail is provided to properly identify requested records;
  • a large amount of records are requested and location and reproduction of these would unreasonably interfere with operations of the public body; and
  • more time is needed to consult with a third party or another public body.

Submission Information

When filling out your request, please give as much detail as possible:

  • describe the records you are wishing to access;
  • list all departments of the City of Grande Prairie where this information may have been collected and stored;
  • include specific dates or the time period involved, with a start and end date; and
  • sign and date the request.

Please note you will need to provide Government Issued Photo Identification before any documents can be released to you.

Additional details about making an application for General Information can be found on page 2 of the Request for Access to General Information Form.

Submit to:

FOIP Coordinator, Valerie Norris-Kirk

City of Grande Prairie

10205 98 Street

P.O. Bag 4000

Grande Prairie, AB T8V 6V3

Phone: 780-357-8716



Also Known As

FOIP Request - General Information, FOIP, FOIP Request, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Request, Request to Access General Information form

Department: City Clerk
Category: Legislative