Boulevard Naturalization Pilot Program

The City of Grande Prairie is taking steps to enhance its ecology and sustainability through the Boulevard Naturalization Pilot Program. This initiative involves returning land to its natural state by ceasing mechanical control and allowing existing vegetation to grow in place. 

Three locations, including 116 Avenue near Copperwood, 84 Avenue near Canfor and Resources Road, will be evaluated as part of the pilot program running from spring 2023 to fall 2025. 

The benefits of naturalization are numerous, including reducing water runoff and erosion, increasing absorption, and supporting habitat for bird species and pollinators. 


What is Naturalization? 

Naturalization is the process by which land that was previously maintained through mechanical mowing is returned to a natural state, similar to surrounding naturally occurring ecosystems.

Many municipalities within Alberta are moving towards more naturalized landscapes to capitalize on the many ecosystem services provided by natural areas.



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