Vehicles for Hire

Vehicles for Hire


Vehicles for Hire transport passengers from one destination to another for a fee. These vehicles could include taxis, limousines, shuttle services, designated driving services and transportation network companies. The industry forms an essential part of the City’s transportation system as each service can provide a premium level of service (door-to-door, 24-hours a day; seven days a week.) which is not offered by public transportation organizations.

Municipal Regulation

The Vehicle for Hire Bylaw C-1394 is the municipal legislation that governs Vehicles for Hire in the City of Grande Prairie. Bylaw C-1394 came into effect on May1, 2021.


An effective Vehicle for Hire Bylaw program should accomplish the following:

  • Public safety and consumer protection;
  • Accessible vehicle-for-hire services; and
  • Fair competition and open innovation.

Relevant Statutes & City Documents

Vehicle for Hire Licensing & How to Apply

The purpose of the Vehicle for Hire Bylaw C-1394 is to establish a system of licensing and regulations for Vehicles for Hire.  Information on these licensing regulations as well as how to apply are listed below.