Infrastructure & Economic Development

Infrastructure & Economic Development

Inspection Services

Who We Are and What We Do

We are part of the City of Grande Prairie’s Infrastructure and Protective Services Area. We make sure that all construction and renovation work (both commercial and residential) meets Alberta regulations. If you decide to build or expand or renovate a property, it is our job to check the work to ensure that it is safe, and that it meets all the relevant federal and provincial laws.

Where We Are Located

We are located at the Service Centre, 9505 - 112 Street, Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Engineering Services

The Engineering Services Department is responsible for long-term infrastructure upgrades and large-scale maintenance of existing infrastructure. There are three distinct areas that fall under Engineering Services.

Transportation Infrastructure Asset Management

Provides safe and orderly construction and utilization of City right-of-ways for transportation and utility infrastructure.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Department assists local businesses’ expansion goals and helps guide investors through the development process by acting as a facilitator for municipal services. Contact us for support or market information and to learn how your business can benefit from the Grande Prairie advantage.